Feel like traveling

I couldn't resist this book and just received it...

Makes me feel like traveling and exploring! Have been to Amsterdam before and absolutely loved it! But now with all of Pia's little secrets I will just have to go back! She has written a handmade guide for Paris too, will have to be for my next order... See her on http://blog.piajanebijkerk.com/WordPress/

Feminine inspiration

I am fascinated by "old" famous female artists. One of them is Simone Signoret, having grown up in a french speaking home I watched all her old classics. I loved her honesty, extravagance and raucous voice. I remember hearing her on the radio talking about aging and saying something like this: "Someone without wrinkles is someone who has never cried, never laughed and never loved". To this day it helps me cope with my own wrinkles :-)

Here is one of her official quote: "Chains do not hold marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years." Beautiful isn't it?


Today the weather was just too beautiful to stay inside... had to move my studio outdoors! Spring is coming soon...


My brooches are coming along... I have finished a few samples and am pleased with them :-) They will be for my friends for now and maybe I'll start selling the next batch!

Inspiration trip...

Every so often my friend Donna and I go on a little inspiration outing. Art galleries, shops, exhibitions... We go out there, fill up our inspiration tank, eat good food, chat continuously and come home recharged and happy! Yesterday was one of those. We went to Fat Tuesday in Kloof www.fattuesday.co.za, always a hit!

I could not resist earrings by Genevieve Motley with this little fat robin dangling off them. genevievemotley.blogspot.com

I also discovered Whimsy, another South African amazing artist! http://www.whimsy.co.za/
Came home full of ideas and ready for some new projects in my studio! Had a magic day!


I love colors, in fact anything colorful catches my eye. Today I am especially loving the color red.
Red is warm, passionate, bold and vital. It expresses excitement, love and energy. It is intense, powerful and strong...

And it is the color of my swiss flag :-)

In my studio...

At the moment I am learning as much as I can about colors, craft, sewing etc. So most days my studio gets really messy and colorful with all sorts of experiments. Today's project: e-toile handmade brooches... will show the finished product if it's worth it. Have a wonderful weekend!

A little while ago my husband and I went to the Midlands to finally look for St Verde Succulents and ooh were we please to find them! The setting is magnificent, the gardens incredible and we fell in love with the succulents...Really worth a visit!

St Verde, 033 234 4356

My first entry, a little nervous but have wanted to start my blog for a long time! So this is a little test...
From a beautiful day on the North Coast!