Feminine inspiration

Today i am speechless... admiring

She was recently interviewed by "in the Make",
this is part of how they describe her work:

"Annie takes fragments of written correspondence - from handwritten letters to text messages - that she has found, received, or written, enlarges and reworks the text on large paper, and then meticulously goes about removing the negative spaces with an X-acto knife. Because of the precision involved, Annie changes her X-acto blade after every five or six cuts, so she can easily go through close to 500 blades just to finish one piece."

Incredible imagination, skill and patience.

and here studio!!!

Photos from here, here.

In the studio

finished these three little guys
this weekend...
acrylic on canvas.
i like them ;)

they're staying in the studio for a while!


i'm gearing up for 2 photography courses
this year
had to get some new software.
playing around with it.
a whole new world opening up
to me.
trying, exploring, stumbling, playing...

these are leek flowers by the way;
not the sweetest smell...but a lovely shape


warning! i wrote this post while really,
really hungry!

apparently food photography is one of the
most difficult to master.

i find the photographs below inspiring by
their simplicity and the memories

cheese, bread & raspberries...

they remind me of home
& just don't taste the same here.

and of course my favorite chocolate!

photographs from here, here & here


i am a complete Nutella addict...
i love this photograph...
imagine making homemade Nutella!