practice makes progress

i am loving playing with charcoal at the moment. 

quick practices.

some better than others. 

trying to stay unattached to the outcome
and to say more with less... 

after the storm

this was the ocean yesterday (tuesday) morning. 
it was huge and wild and scary. 
after months of drought we finally had rain, lots and lots of rain. 

i am SO grateful for that rain. 

like all things in life though, it came with its duality. 
at first it was a gentle rain and then it turned into an intense and crazy
downpour causing some damages. 
my heart goes out to the people who have been affected by it.  

nature is spectacular and frightening... 


while in Switzerland i got gifted 
this wonderful book of Paul Klee's Hand Puppets 
(merci Lulu ;) ) 

my creative muscles have been jump started by these puppets, 
and it may be the start of something new... 

i started by recycling an old painting

still very much a work in progress, 
let's see where these puppets take me! 


coming from the drought we've been experiencing 
here is South Africa, i arrived in Switzerland feeling
like a thirsty bird ;) 

 i admired every swollen river and stream, 
every forest felt so incredibly lush! 

and i was there early enough for all the wild flowers...

such a treat... 

Picasso immersed

how lucky was i?
this Picasso exhibition had just started at the
"Fondation Pierre Gianadda" when i arrived in Switzerland. 
it is 40km from where my family lives, 
i couldn't miss it! 

i was so incredibly moved to be in a place with so many 
Picasso original paintings, ceramics, etchings and sculptures, 
i did the best i could to soak it all up. 

and since then i've been immersed in everything Picasso! 
i've watched this documentary:

and i'm busy reading this book:

i love that he just created and created like a mad man, 
it feels like he was trying to materialise into art all the ideas he 
had in his head and heart. 
he had so much to express and not enough time... 

it feels like he just went for it without being too concerned 
whether anyone would like it or not. 

in fact after his death they found thousands of artworks
that no one had ever seen before... 

i find all that so, so fascinating! 

close up

i still believe it, fiercely... 
"love is in the details"

Gentianes et Anémones

little mountain miracles, after months under the snow nature sings in so many gifts. 

i'm back

i'm back. i've been back for a little while... 
but i wanted to dwell in my travelling/holiday vibes 
for a little longer. 

this is where i was,
in my mountains with my family... 

they do still feel like my mountains.
so majestic and familiar.
i guess ones roots always remain, strong. 

Nendaz, Switzerland 

precious times with special people...