while wandering around
the "blogosphere"
i collect ideas and inspiration.

a few things
i am loving today:

a delicious bed

a cosy loft bedroom

a funky kitchen corner

a quirky desk

(can't remember from where...)

Feminine inspiration

South African artist: Marlene Dumas,

Photos via

Looking up...

searching for inspiration,
i'm looking up!


we've had the most glorious weather
this Easter weekend.

i've been spending time on the beach,
scratching & searching the sand for
little treasures...


a little while ago i spoilt myself by buying
a painting by Lesley Magwood Fraser

she had a stunning solo exhibition at
i picked up yesterday,
here it is!!!

The beautiful world we live in...

i went on a gallery hopping trip to Durban
last week.
my favourite art work turned out to be

the trees bursting with
incredible colours!

On my easel

thanks to our artists' dates
(thank you Donna ;))
i have started painting in oils again...

Feminine inspiration and project

first let me introduce you to
Carina van Heerden.

she is an incredible Woman
in her late 80's
with so much energy, knowledge and kindness to share
she runs her own ceramic/pottery studio
where we can come up with all sorts of

here is mine on the go at the moment.

a tall thin sculpture
that i'm trying desperately to piece back
together and balance.

there is a very slim chance it will survive...
i'll keep you posted.


we were on the road this past weekend.

while my husband drives
(which is most of the way ;) thank you)
i sit with my camera on my lap
so i can catch the feel of the trip,

autumn tones this time.

it also makes those 6 hours
fly by really quickly!