"if it feels important, it probably is"

Ink and watercolor do not allow me to edit...Because I can’t edit I’m forced to be more honest, because for me the first gesture, that first instinctual action is often the most authentic.


we all know i'm a big fan of Alisa Burke's work. 
here she is collaborating with her husband.
i love seeing the painting coming to life

Learning some more

next week i'll be learning from

i love her use of lines and colours. 
here is a peek

and while i'm busy in the studio,
next week will be a video week
on the blog,

Feminine inspiration

i recently discovered artist Anahata Katkin

 i am fascinated by her stunning paintings... 

her journal pages...
even her studio is glamourous 

all photos via anahataart.com 

Still in progress

my july giraffe sculpture is still a work in progress 
and it's not because i've neglected it... 

it's because it's been painted many layers, many colours
and each attempt turns out uglier than the last one! 
i'll spare you the details, 
back to white...

let's try again. 

Lion's tail

also called Lion's Tail or Wild Dagga
i love their quirky shape against the evening sky. 

PS: Lulu & Deb, ces photos sont pour vous ;) 


this week as part of the Year of the Giraffe
Carla Sonheim has very generously given us 
free access to her husband's photography class

there is always so much to learn with photography...
can't wait!

this class is part of Carla's 
so many fun classes, have a look.
Plus once you've signed up you can access the class 
material forever.

i'll be taking this one by Diane Culhane too:

i mean how could i resist, it is my learning year after all 


trying out my new camera 

i hadn't realized how second nature 
 it had become for me to work with 
my faithful Nikon D5100.

change is good. 
it keeps me learning! 

Around here

my new "baby" 
(birthday spoiling) 

how sexy is she? 

with my Concierge ;) 

and my first of hopefully many Pierrot/Harlequins/Clowns

Happy weekend! 

Fresh air

we went to the mountains for 

fresh mountain air,
delicious food, 
 fabulous quality time... 
so spoilt, so lucky!