New friend

A little while ago I found this little guy at ikhaya
and he HAD to come home with me!

Now he peeps out the window, waiting for me,
his little wooden heart bouncing...
Isn't he just too cute!!


The last time i visited the Kim Sacks Gallery in Joburg
i was completely mesmerized by Carolyn Heydenrych's
ceramic work.
The exquisitely fine lines, the precision, the architectural touch...
Love it!

Photos from Carolyn Heydenrych's website


Red, white and blue
a tonic trio that makes me feel all summery!

Rouge - Blanc - Bleu
Oh so French!


Corrugated: shaped into alternating parallel grooves and ridges.
sounds very much like life doesn't it?


Settling back home after a wonderful trip to
the Garden Route with my parents...
Comforting closeness of spending time with my family.

More pots

So besotted with those Liebermann pots,
i couldn't resist but to share some more...

My parents are here, enjoying a little piece of our summer
before their long swiss winter.
We're off cruising. See you next week!

Primary colours...

Primary colours: Red - Yellow - Blue
Three pigment colours from which all others can be obtained by mixing.
Red, blue and yellow cannot be mixed or formed by any combination of other colours.

Red: beginnings, self awareness, passion, desire, courage, strength, love...

Yellow: enjoyment, self worth, joy, idealism, imagination, ego, sunshine...

Blue: change, purpose, truth, confidence, harmony, self expression, communication...

Happy colourful Monday!


I've just learnt how to knit
with circular needles and made a sock for my
So proud ;)

I can see all sorts of pouches coming soon!

More cups

We came across Clementina's cups once again
and guess what?
We succumbed to temptation...

i'm so pleased we did,
love our colourful collection!