In the studio

feeling a little scattered at the moment...
might be that i have too many projects on the go?!? 

it's a long weekend on this side of the world, 
see you back here next week! 


it's been winter here for the last few days! 

photos via

hopefully summer will be back tomorrow... 

Feminine inspiration

let me introduce you once again to Carina van Heerden,
she is an incredible potter/ceramic teacher 
and an amazing woman.

i recently helped her set up a presentation 
on her life long passion for clay
of course she was phenomenal... 

here is a little peek at her work

In the studio

it has been Flower Crazy in the studio
with Carla Sonheim's online class!

A little peek a the evolution
of an experiment...

Garden wonder

the garden is bursting into life and colors
at the moment...

because this shot is my favorite,
it had to have centre stage ;)
more garden tomorrow


i love anything handmade,
anything knitted.
with autumn coming, time to haul out the wool
and my giant knitting needles!

and i got so inspired by Alice Lemoine

Alice Lemoine, Fashionable Knitwear

In the studio

i am painting!!!
back to oils and i've tackled the
big canvas i had started many moons ago...


leaving you with some feather inspiration
for the weekend...
have a wonderful Easter

Feminine inspiration

lately i have been wondering what i love
so much about taking photographs.
i would have said it is about looking, noticing, paying attention
and then capturing a moment.

in this TED video Penny De Los Santos puts that feeling beautifully into words

Images via


i've been struggling to choose between these two
on-line classes...
(yes i'm ready to fuel my learning addiction once again ;))


having been so consumed with photography for the
first part of this year, i've decided it's time
to get back to my brushes...

so Flower Crazy it is!