artist inspiration

Cape Town artist Lorraine Loot 
has been inspiring me for a while, 
(in fact she was one of the reasons i started my 365 faces)

photo Lorraine Loot

she started with 365 paintings for ants 
and then went onto 730 of those tiny
incredibly detailed, amazing little paintings. 

recently she showed her work in New York 
and i proudly followed her journey there...

photo Lorraine Loot

so unbelievably talented and inspiring! 

photo Lorraine Loot

you can see an interview of her here 


so we've just come back from a fun little trip to the Cape. 
I had never been in Cape Town during winter and it was just as beautiful as ever...
cold, wet, sunny, rainy and... beautiful! 

we went to  Ben Howard's amazing concert

and then we explored and ate delicious food... 

 a real treat! 

see you

4 little pairs of eyes staring at me in the studio.
i've grown attached to them already...

but they'll have to wait for a little bit while i go on a little fun trip 
to the Cape! 

See you next week! 


i seem to be painting a lot of "serious' men 
at the moment... 

and that takes me to 200!!! 
i'm so chuffed, never thought i would get this far, 
onward to the next 165! 

one face a day...

days seem to be flying by and with them a whole bunch
of little weirdos ;) 

my birthday dude



this is where my mister took me last week for my 

it was magical, 
walks and picnic in the woods

and my 1faceaday "office" 

a little piece of heaven... 


so i do have a few things to confess... 

mostly because i feel that i have been neglecting this space (the blog) recently, 

here are my reasons/excuses: 

1. i post at least once daily on Instagram ,
 it has become my favorite sharing platform 
(for now).

2. my show is coming up in november,  
so i am putting my head down and spending a lot of time painting.

3. in the most recent past (until yesterday),
i completely immersed and lost myself in this book:  

a work of art.
possibly the best book i've ever read.
i highly recommend it.

photo from the google search 

so i will be in and out, 
as much as i can manage, 
but i'm here, 
thank you for still following along ;) 

right up close...

love is in the details... 

i believe that with all my heart.

and nature does the best details. 
photos taken on my surprise birthday outing. 

half way and onward

this dubious little guy marks the half way mark!!!

and onward we go into July...