artist inspiration

Cape Town artist Lorraine Loot 
has been inspiring me for a while, 
(in fact she was one of the reasons i started my 365 faces)

photo Lorraine Loot

she started with 365 paintings for ants 
and then went onto 730 of those tiny
incredibly detailed, amazing little paintings. 

recently she showed her work in New York 
and i proudly followed her journey there...

photo Lorraine Loot

so unbelievably talented and inspiring! 

photo Lorraine Loot

you can see an interview of her here 


  1. fascinating and intriguing!! Veux tu dire que tu es allee a New York!?! how amazing!! tes 365 visages continuent d'etre incroyablement geniaux and inspiring xxx

    1. Non je n'ai pas été a NY, j'aurais bien aimé mais j'ai suivi en ligne ;) génial son art hein!? Bisous