Being a big ceramic fan I am always on the look out for something amazing by our South African ceramicists and they're a lot of them!
While in Cape Town we explored lots of little shops and galleries and we couldn't resist buying these 4 cups by Clementina Van der Walt.

They looked so good in the sunset light in my studio.

And now our morning tea tastes even better!


This weekend we went to a little Midlands outing... always delicious!
Reminds me of la Provence.

The aim of our trip though was St Verde Succulents
and of course it was such a hit again.

We came home with a few more friends!

It worked

Whether it was the dance or just the season... it worked! Last night we had the heaviest rain we have had in months and this morning nature, the birds and me are so happy, cleansed and refreshed!

Thank you rain!


I came out of the post office oh so spoilt this morning :-)
Thank you Jacs and merci Maman!


It is spring here... my herb garden, my gumboots and I are ready! All we need is some rain...
It has been so dry and windy, our red soil is crusting over...

Perhaps a little rain dance will do?

Have a fabulous Monday!

In my studio...

My sewing skills are slowly improving... Last week I spent a long time making a A4 bag for my dear friend Jaci only to realize, once finished, that she wouldn't fit her exam pad in there!!!
Oh well, good practice :-)
The new one is on its way and so far so good!

A quick peep, work in progress:

Feminine inspiration

Emily Dickinson.

I don't know much about her but one of her famous quotes:

"I live in possibility"

It makes me want to seek out possibilities, be open and daring...

And read her poems.

Images found on the net.


What strikes me while driving around the Cape of Good Hope area is how the environment appears tortured by the elements...the fynbos whipped by the winds and beaten by the sun but in amongst that "end of the world" landscape, the most amazing protea bushes grow, so delicate, so intricate and yet so resistant...

The pin-cushions had started blooming and I went mad, taking photos of them with my new magnifying lenses... aren't they magnificent?


In the past few months I have been obsessed with making heads at my ceramics classes and I finally brought two of them home. They seem to be a mix of African/Roman features, the nose always turning out thin and a bit crooked...just like mine.
I have grown very attached to them, for now they sit on our dining room table.
And there are at least another 4 coming!


Last week we escaped to Cape Town. As usual, the Cape takes my breath away, I love the fynbos' smell, the fresh air, cruising around, watching the whales and eating delicious food (we had the best waffles ever!).
Each time we end up dreaming and scheming of where we would live if we moved there...

Probably here :-)

Or here

We would have to start all over again though...
For now dreaming and scheming will do!

Some new friends...


I find a lot of peace, calm and inspiration in nature.
It has so much to offer...

I'm off on a little trip! Will tell you more when I get back.
See you soon!


Last year I helped mosaic artist Jane Durand with one of her project (that will be a whole other post...). I then proceeded to make and install my own mosaic at home.
Here are a few snippets of it.

The finished product, around our outside shower


The view :-)

Vert & Rose

At the moment it seems that everywhere I look I see green and pink together...
Maybe spring has something to do with it?
Fresh and vibrant.
I might have to make something with them... but for now they are being recorded in my color journal until some "vert et rose" creative project comes up!