a peep inside my sketchbook.
playing and starting to plan
a new painting

Note to self


at last i put the final touches to my paintings

i love these two

in this one i like the bird but i can't sort out the background,
it will get recycled!

a few details:


i couldn't resist any longer
and spoilt myself with a little new toy:
the Lomography Diana Mini!

it looks so funky and retro...
i feel like i've just entered a "secret society"

clicking away with film, not knowing WHAT the
shots will look like.
so old school and fresh!
will keep you updated ;)


summer has arrived.
time for beach walks, swimming,
and lazy days...

i might be posting a little less frequently for
the rest of december ;)


i've rediscovered these shots i took
doing a japanese "sumi-e" painting

it is strange how revisiting old work makes me find
new beauty in it...

there was a photographer there on that day
and some of her pictures feature in this
stunning cook book


just finished reading
and it has been a gentle, romantic
and delightful experience.

here are 2 passages i particularly love:

..."And i figured that if we started becoming more aware of the beauty
in the details of our surroundings, then we might appreciate the moment
we are living in -
rather than the moment that passed years ago,
or the one we wish for in the future."

"What makes me feel at home is being able to be me,
the real, whole, complete me."


i'm not good at putting final touches,
i'm never sure when to stop.

here are a few decision i'm agonizing on
with my 3 paintings:

am i satisfied with this one
or do i work at it some more?
does it need a border line?

do i like the border line on this one?
hmmm, no...

do i add more details on these flowers?

i know for sure though that i buggered up the background on
this one so badly that i can't even show you ;)

back to work!

This and that...

i am inspired by this stepping stone path
found at White Elephant Lodge,
it had mint growing between the stones.
i want to create my own for home...

i love these tiny flowers apparently called
Kalahari String of Stars...
they make me dream.

these were so tiny and delicate,
almost invisible to the naked eye.


while in the bush last week
i got a complete crush on
these Sickle Bush little flowers.

i love their scruffiness and
the color combination!

and i've got a crush on this little bundle of
cuteness ;)