i'm really pleased with the outcome of my figs & pomegranate
oil paintings. 
and slightly baffled at the same time... 

i painted those under Roz's guidance following 
old painting techniques (the name escape me right now... was is grisaille?)

i started painting in black and white, without any colours 
until everything was in place;
 only in the last layer 
a coloured glaze is added on top.

at first it felt dull and confusing 
and suddenly to my amazement it all fell into place!

and they match my Proteas! 


  1. Omg Anne this is stunning. Are you getting ready for an expo soon. Is your art for sale????? Woaw Woaw Woaw love love your work!!
    Je souhaiterais juste de pouvoir passer te voir et admirer tes oeuvres en vrai!!!!! T'aime
    Et bravo