on wednesday i went back to 
oil painting classes
with Roz

here is a peek into the freshly repainted studio
(yes it is the cutest studio on earth!)

studio photo by Roz

last year i had these paintings in progress.
i finished the figs early december, 
(will show you next week)
so i got back to my birches

well did i fight and resist and sweat over those birches... 
 i felt rusty, unsure and horribly frustrated. 

thanks to Roz's gentle (and firm) guidance, 
something finally clicked into place 
about half an hour before the end of the class 
i found my creative groove! 

this is where i left off. 
far from finished but it's all making more sense now. 
as i walked out the world looked brighter... 

persistence, perseverance, stamina. 
i didn't expect those ingredients 
to play such a big part in the creative journey. 


  1. Its beautiful Anne....lovely light shining through from behind....Your subconscious is shining and it shows!

  2. the light and yours..mwah