still at it...

remember this big huge intimidating 
canvas i showed you back then?

i am still at it, 
it is still a work in progress,
and it is teaching me a lot of lessons. 

first i was adamant i would find a face in it, 
which i eventually did, 
slightly forced i admit.

(there were a few more steps before this but i deleted the photos by mistake or frustration)

i stayed at that stage for a long time, wondering what to do next. 
then decided to try adding eyes

again i lived with her for a while. 
i liked her but wasn't 100% convinced, 
she now looked too real. 

this big canvas is meant for our lounge 
and i believe i need to be totally in love with the painting 
to live with it. 

so once again, i moved on
(it felt disrespectful to paint directly on her face and i wanted to keep her alive beneath the layers)
so i added some collage on top

and now where to from here?
i will keep you posted when i get unstuck... 

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