our first journal prompt 
in the Full Circle 
workshop with Misty Mawn

here is the making of my attempt, 
it felt soothing and meditative 
to go round and round 
and work within the circle shape. 

i'm pretty sure i will make some more. 

i chose to use my word for the year 
and all the different faces that it might 

"A Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol or diagram used in certain religions to represent a universe; the visible world around us, and the invisible universe that is within each of us.  The mandala manifests wholeness, unity,  and balance.    It is often a tool used for establishing a sacred space where all things are connected."   


  1. Beautiful! Such a nice feel to it.

  2. Oh wow Anne - that is magnificent. I am so inspired and in awe of your work as always. I LOVE the pears too!! Keep rocking Anne - you're gonna rock this world for sure!!