Namibia here we come! 

 roof tent and stars and dunes and camera
and simplicity and isolation... 

Nambian coast 

i'll see you back here later in April. 

In the studio

a little bit more 
studio time before 
i go...

 in my sketch book: 

on my isle, making peace with oils: 


Happy Easter everyone! 

Both handmade Hare by Mr Finch

Hare by Valerie Davide 

Lapin by Manon Searlait 

 it's still a mystery to me how 
Easter and the bunny are related...
but i thought today was 
a good day 
to share some 
hare/rabbit inspiration

last 4 bunnies 
artists unknown

Post box

about a month ago
i indulged in a little 
online retail therapy.
and then the post office went on strike...

so when they started delivering last week 
i got a mail box full of 
delicious surprises

a pile of books! 

and some cushion cover by Skinny laMinx
in her new collection rough cuts

light box

this ship wad anchored on the horizon a little while ago. 
it was intriguing, fascinated me. 

 it caught the light 
in the most amazing ways. 

Evolution of an idea

the intention of this mixed media painting 
was to get to know a little piece of me 
i had never met before.. 

this is where i started: 

 then it went on to a different color scheme: 

and this is where i ended, many, many layers later: 

i love the journey it took me on. 
layers and layers of messages, signs and meanings... 



Miss Madame is turning 2 today!

Happy Birthday my little Pax... 


i got a great surprise in the mail! 

a card sent, made and signed by the fabulous Carla Sonheim!!! 
as a thank you for participating in the Giraffe Revolution note...

i mean what a treat! 
definitely framing that one 

Feminine inspiration

i am loving Beth Moon's photographic work.
she uses the platinum printing process which creates a photographic print 
with a great range of gray tones.

all photographs via and via

"While exploring the contrasts between the human and animal worlds or between natural and man-made environments, photographer Beth Moon has managed to capture similarities and dependencies among them. In three separate series, Moon brings visual beauty as well as cultural complexity to the subjects of her photography."