in the studio

 the studio migrated outside, under the fig tree.

new beginnings,
backgrounds making

and the next step:
tree obsession in progress

i'm working slower than usual and i'm enjoying this new experience. 


this plant will never cease to amaze me! 
from pockets to bright hairy flowers 
to this: 

suddenly the pod bursts & out come these fairy like seeds

blowing away like delicate feathers


Vintage find, suite

a few other treasures i brought back... 
a mini Hundertwasser calendar,
some stunning Paul Klee books

and some incredible Alberto Giacometti inspiration

what a treat! 

Vintage find...

while in Switzerland i spent some time with 
my grand-mother.
together we raided her treasure filled house for 
art inspiration... 
and we found loads! 

of course i couln't take it all
and i was restricted by weight... 
but i came home with some real treasures! 

one of them being my uncle's 
Caran d'Ache Neocolor box...
probably from the 70's.


more tomorrow.

Red it is

so i went back and forth 
painting my july giraffe many times. 

and that's it... red it is. 
i'm not totally in love with the final outcome 
i'm done! 

Tree making

here is a peek at one of the exercise 

we went from a collage

to a painting

with more details

and the same in different colours

i absolutely loved it and i'm thrilled with my trees!
so much so that it might have turned into a little 

3 more on the go!