Feminine inspiration, suite

as promised, 
more of Roz Cryer's 
wonderful exhibition

this was Roz's extremely moving installation:

the quote:

the cracked vessels:

from allowing light through our cracks 
to the inevitable end:

read Roz's Artist Statement here

Carina, our incredible ceramic teacher 
opened the exhibition 

Roz and Carina 

more of Roz's stunning paintings and vessels:

Feminine inspiration

on tuesday evening 
i went to the opening of 

i have been fortunate enough 
to be able to watch 
the evolution of Roz's creative journey
from the beginning of an idea until this exhibition. 

and let me tell you it has been 
a privilege
to witness this phenomenal 
body of work 
being born... 
and this amazing Artist and friend at work!
(more photos to come)


more birds, i can't stop...

most of the Turacos we spotted 
were very busy and impossible to photograph

 but this little guy
was kind enough to model for me!

thanks little guy ;)


i have recently discovered that this is true for me... 

while needing to create for the Christmas Fair
i have been "arting" everyday and
it has been an amazing, inspiring and creative experience.

as i warm up with doodling in the morning
the creative juice starts to flow,
and soon i find myself in a stream of inspiration and ideas, 
a really exciting current of energy
that feeds my well. 

my studio floor covered with doodles and attempts at new 
fabric designs... 


today is a holiday here, 
and even though South Africa 
is now very much in my blood 
my heritage remains 
in my home town, 
Nendaz in Switzerland...

 so here is a little homage 
to my Nendaz, 
its phenomenal view 
its juicy apricots,
my dear family...
my heritage ;)