Goodbye March!

March is a wrap!
31 faces

these are the ones i painted/sketched while traveling:

i'm so happy i managed to keep up the practice on the go... 

 and here is the entire March crew lying on my driveway:

i'll post them individually next week 

still loving it! 


so i've been back for almost a week now... 

(embarrassed face below)

 for some reason i've been having a "computer block". 
i finally edited some photos and i am back :) 

we had a fabulous trip, 
a big Austria/Switzerland tour, 
visiting family, skiing and exploring new places.

we had spring, we had snow, we had sun...
we had many magical moments. 

i love how traveling opens the mind and the heart, 
fuels creativity and makes for a whole new perspective on life. 

Holiday time!

we are off to Europe today, 
holiday time! 


i worked hard to finish these paintings before i go.
at least i think they are finished... 
for now ;) 

all big oil paintings on wood panels,
you can get an idea of the size here:

i see you back here end of March;
in the mean time go gently and shine bright! 

lines and practice

working with lines, 
preparing backgrounds, 
learning to draw hands inspired by Egon Schiele
he drew the best hands 
(in my humble opinion ;)) 

the last few of february

and that's a wrap for the second month! 

 this little guy above has stolen my heart for now 
but i also like the faceless lady below.

don't they look cute all neat in the 28 day february rectangle?!