last 10 for May

how fast time goes... 
10 days since i posted my last faces! 

some weirdos in the bunch, 
many, many eyes... 

still having so much fun! 

keep on keeping on

lots of paintings in progress in my studio. 

i won't lie i'm feeling a little overwhelmed about my exhibition.
not about painting really but rather about the concept, the title, the artist statement... 
all those things i know pretty much nothing about.

i suppose that's part of the learning curve! 

deep breaths, keep on showing up... 
and as Julia Cameron says in the Artist's Way:

"Take care of the quantity, the Universe will take care of the quality." 

deep trust


in July i will be teaching 
a workshop on mark making, 
layering and background building 
at Roz's painting studio here in Salt Rock. 

so i'm busy exploring ideas, making marks, collecting collage pieces
and building backgrounds. 
the one above is my advertising one, the good old fashion way :) 

the last king

there were clay delays, 
life delays, casualties...
but i finally collected my last King

here he is: 
"seek only the truth"
(he is the sixth king but finished seventh :))

and my "seven King" project is now complete

how cute are they all together? 
makes me ridiculously happy! 

PS: i am not doing ceramic this year 
- i need to focus on painting
- our 90 something pottery teacher is now only teaching one class a week
- i miss it terribly

sunrise and deliciousness

we had a delicious girls' weekend away. 
full of open hearted conversations, 
good food, 
dancing and laughter...

the most amazing views

aloes blooming everywhere 

so good for the soul! 


 some wacky, some nostalgic, 
some mad, some sad, some cheeky...
are they all parts of me? 

one face a day, 
140 so far. 

in progress

this week seems to be flying by way too fast, 
i've managed my one face a day but not much other painting. 

 so these two are still works in progress...

he got himself a hat and a teal background 

she got herself less red and more green.

let's see what happens next. 

be silently drawn

love this quote by Rumi 
that i wrote in my journal a while ago.

it will not lead you astray...

more faces?

this little sleepy one gave me a hard time
but i end up liking all the layers and the strange colors

i did the two below while we were away camping, 
quick strange sketches...

the swimming cap girl above seems a bit too realistic for me... 
i feels more connected to this ghostly one below.

mark making

mark making, building layers, 
creating new backgrounds for my daily faces

also i am teaching a "background building" 
workshop in july at Roz's studio 
so i'm practicing, making examples, taking notes...

 basically getting my ducks in a row