the last king

there were clay delays, 
life delays, casualties...
but i finally collected my last King

here he is: 
"seek only the truth"
(he is the sixth king but finished seventh :))

and my "seven King" project is now complete

how cute are they all together? 
makes me ridiculously happy! 

PS: i am not doing ceramic this year 
- i need to focus on painting
- our 90 something pottery teacher is now only teaching one class a week
- i miss it terribly


  1. Oh Anne....they are absolutely AMAZING! they have all their own personality and presence! you are incredible!!!
    Bravo cherie!!!! Je comprends que tu sois ridiculously happy!!!!!!!

  2. Ahhh, they are great, they make me ridiculously happy too! I hope they are getting a good spot in your home.