we are heading for the mountains
and the snow
in Lesotho!

this is Afriski August 2010
i'll share some of this year's photos
next week


let me introduce you to
"Rasta" Pax and what happened
to my wool!?!?!

after an very small attempt at untangling it
this is the other solution i found

a pompom!
it has become "Rasta" Pax's
favorite toy :)


this is what it looks like outside
my window since yesterday...

this just happened on our coast...

it's too windy for a fire and i've just smoked the whole house up...

so i'm doodling some spring ;)

A few things...

sharing a few art works that inspire me.
but i cannot remember where they're from...

happy weekend to you!


i have committed to this...

F a c e s ! 1 0 1

In this class we will focus solely on drawing and painting the human face. We will work through dozens of different assignments that allow you to approach your subjects fast, slow, messily, neatly, realistically, abstractly — all this to start getting you to ferret out your own unique and personal style. We will draw from live models, from photos and our imaginations. You’ll use ink, watercolor, pencil, ballpoint pen, charcoal, pastels and more. End goal: You don’t want to draw faces like me or anyone else — you want to draw like YOU! After this week you will get closer to finding your unique style, promise! (P.S. The “101″ stands for the 101 faces you will create this week. Yes, it’s a lot. Yes, you will work hard. Yes, you can do it!)

faces and text from Carla's blog

101 Faces in one week!!!
let's give it a try :)

Deco ideas

i've been searching the net for some
deco ideas.
found these little treasures on

love this roof top deck!
photos from here

Spoilt some more :)

last week i got swept away to
Oribi gorge for a surprise
birthday treat...

so, so spoilt ;)