Garden wonder

as the crazy summer heat is slowly subsiding
we are gently moving into autumn,
my garden seems to be suddenly bursting into life!

Rosemary, basil, bulbinella...

Sunrise at the ghost house (suite)

i went to the ghost house Saturday morning
with our photo club.
a little spooky, incredible views, amazing graffitis...


du bon pain... de bons croissants...
un pain au chocolat... hmmmm...

photographs via Lyla & Blu

Birthday girl...

Happy birthday little Pax!!!
Her very first one... her very first birthday "cake" :)

she LOVED it!

Feminine inspiration

i've just spent the last 2 months
learning, thinking, exploring
and studying photography.

amongst many phenomenal
contemporary photographers,
Sally Mann has left the strongest impression.

her photography, her camera, the way she works, her subjects, her prints, her philosophy...

"It has always been my philosophy to try & make art
out of the everyday & the ordinary."
"It never occurred to me to leave home to make art."
Sally Mann in "What Remains".

- all photographs from the web -

This morning

i LOVE fridays
and my stripy heart...

i had each little print block mounted.

they've added a smart little touch to our bathroom!

Around here...

first fresh autumn mornings here...
this is my favourite time of the year.

i've been a little swamped
but i'm catching my breath.


i'm sure i already told you
how absolutely delicious the food
is at the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo

such a treat to be fed 3 wholesome, vegetarian
meals a day...

AND to make it ever better
most dishes are served
perfect ceramics bowls.