My first...

i made it!!!
i stepped out there for the very first time
as a novice little artist... 

a full, crazy two days!

i went through a whole range of 
from terrified and wanting to hide away 
to totally over the moon after 
making my first sale! 
loads to process... 

the biggest gift through this experience 
 has been the support. 
SO much loving support!!!

so thank you from the bottom of my heart 
to all of you out there, here and afar,
you are an amazing bunch!!!



this feels very relevant to me today


we've had so much rain here lately, 
we are surrounded by 
hundreds of different greens! 

green carpet, 

green canopy, 

green everywhere!

and a touch of yellow...

In the studio

so my studio looks like the souk... 

but i am breathing a little better! 

i am pretty much ready for the 
Christmas Fair. 

wrapped, tagged, sorted, 
setting up this afternoon. 

and hopefully i'll be back on thursday 
with some good news! 
hold thumbs ;) 


to be honest, despite attempting to find calm in nature...
this is more how i'm feeling right now.
fretting and a little frazzled
to say the least 


"Beauty isn't nature's only gift. Nature is the purest form 
of invigoration. When i feel frustrated with my work or need refueling, 
if i go outside and soak up nature, 
i automatically feel better."
- Misty Mawn

Nature through my Lomography lens


in the Maldives, 
perhaps more than anywhere else, 
the fragility of our planet is a reality...

palpable, evidently pressing.

the Maldivians trying to gain some precious square meters of ground


a little preview peek
as my goodies are taking shape! 


this next few days will be dedicated to Nature. 
Nature is my go to place;
where i find peace and calm,
where i recharge...

Nature brings me back to the moment.  

In the studio

one week to go
to the Christmas Fair

i'm putting the finishing touches 
to my goodies.

signature, tags, prices...

almost ready! 


surely arriving back from the 
gives me permission 

for a little bit of 
"cheesy" photography ;) 


today e-toile is celebrating
500 posts!!! 

and i am celebrating...

perseverance is an attribute of 
my personality i am only starting to discover... 
i've never been really good at persevering, 
at routines or at carrying on with one thing for too long.

that's why having blogged for over 2 years now,  
finding joy in coming up 
with new ideas to share every day
is worth celebrating!

i might even add that i'm proud of it ;) 

 drawing inspired by Lisa Congdon


after a few nightshifts and a few nightmares

my fabrics are printed, sorted and ready 
for the sewing lady!
(i'm so glad i'm not doing the sewing... it would take me weeks!)
fingers crossed that it all goes well. 

and now...

 i'm off to the Maldives!!!
see you back here soon 

Behind the scenes

a little peek at my makeshift 
screen printing station.

a good thing my husband is in 
the Maldives surfing his heart out...
i'm not sure he would appreciate his car being used as 
a drying rack ;) 

my little "badass" flower

In the studio

i won't lie, the pressure is on 
and an air of panic is 
creeping in my studio...

less than a month to go to the Christmas Fair
plus i'm away next week!

i've been working like a little soldier
and there is still SO much to do...

 freshly screen printed fabric

next screen ready

deciding on tags, signature and finishes...