folk frustration

i've been trying to make this Folk Art painting... 
i had decided on a Swiss landscape, 
back to my roots! 

this is where i got to... 
totally frustrated. 
i know folk art is meant to be naive but there is a limit! 

i had to make some changes, so i did 
and this is where 
i am now:

not sure what is going to happen next
there is a strong possibility
 that this is the end of my Swiss Folk Art "career" 


  1. haha, that cracked me up. But don't worry, your first piece of folk art, the fox, is really cute, I like him. Here I prefer your second image.. keep us updated.

  2. J'aime bcp your first one. Naive is lovely and there is no limit!!! Ha ha
    Mwah de moi

  3. Actually I really like your first one. Live the bold red