opening night

i had a fabulous night at the exhibition opening 
on friday evening. 

i went there with my partners in crime 
and it was such fun to discover all the art, 
see my mad bunches on the wall 
and mingle with all the other artists! 

i'm on all the pics because i was a little flustered and distracted to think of taking photos. 
thank you girls for thinking of that ;) 

it still feels a little disconcerting to see my art hanging in a gallery... 

and then we went to S43 for a nice dinner, 
an overall joyous evening as you can tell by my permanent huge grin!


  1. Aah genial Anne!!! You amazing shining gorgeous woman 🌟🌟🌟missing you xx

  2. Tu es rayonnante et tes copines sont géniales!

  3. you made gorgeous paintings big bold bloom