random thoughts on a monday morning...

despite the fact that i have lived in the 
southern hemisphere for nearly 15 years now, 
the opposite seasons still confuses my brain... 

possibly also because we don't have radical seasons changes 
here on the Dolphin Coast but 
i seem to constantly have to remind myself that, yes it is May 
and no it is not spring, it is autumn. 

to add to the confusion we can buy tulips here at the moment?

i'm not sure where they are from but when i saw these ones, 
with the frayed edges... 
i mean aren't they just too glorious? couldn't resist. 

oh and because "winter" is coming this side of the planet, 
i've started knitting a beanie ;) 
i'm really good at starting knitting projects, 
not sure if i ever finished one though. 
let's this one be the one! 

and i love the pink of the tulip and the pale green of the penny gum leaves together. 

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