Life in the Alps has been busy, busy...
We have been skiing, visiting and exploring.


i always feel a pang of nostalgia when leaving the african continent...
luckily just before i left i had a good dose of african stories while devouring the third book of the "Langani Trilogy"
an incredible tale of Africa's rawness, dilemmas and beauty.

"Savage stars pit the night
And I walk in borrowed light
To seek, to feel, to fly..."
T. Ryan


our new scenery...

blue skies and mild temperatures
are easing us into the swiss
winter :)


today we are leaving this:

for this:


No doubt it will be a shock...
but we are so excited to get into the
swiss mountains!

Hopefully i'll be able to post from there.
See you soon!


This is my 100th post
and i have loved it!
thank you for reading them :)

Black and white

We've just had 3 days of solid rain...
A rare event in this part of the world
and i must admit... i love it!
While the sun is about to burn away the mist
i am inspired by black and white.

In my studio

New work happening in my studio,
i'm trying out some new brooches!

Turtle steps

"it's often the little things that go unnoticed
until we slow down enough to really see them"
Ali Edwards

Taking turtle steps towards
paying attention, being in the moment
and staying in constant creative motion.

How cute is this little guy... seems so old and wise!

New year, new intention...

As i was visualizing my year ahead i stumbled across
Susannah Conway's work, "Unravelling the year ahead".
Her question is:
"what is your word for 2011?"

I couldn't settle for one so these are my words for this year...

"Creativity in motion and serenity"

I feel bold, peaceful and inspired.

Happy New Year to you all!