see you soon...

"the world is full of magic things, 
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." 
- W.B Yeats

i'm off on a little travel... 
see you soon! 

morning wonder

i am busy packing, 
 off for a little holiday in Switzerland to spend some precious time 
with my family. 

to be honest, the packing is a little confusing, 
it's suppose to be summer in the Northern Hemisphere 
but it's been rainy and cold.

and here it feels like summer!? 
go figure ;) 

how magical do our aloes look? 
this one in the pot is blooming for the first time, 
happy and proud! 

five little guys

five makes a crowd... 

my latest journal spread for our Round Robin Journal


i'm still experimenting with my drawing, 
i will be for a long time. 

here is the beginning of what is meant to be a bumble bee

more like a fly in the first attempt... 

more of a bumble bee this time

i am loving drawing something else than a face, 
somehow i feel freer doing it, 
not as compelled to put in all the details.


it seems i can finally call these two paintings done! 

i have been working on them for a long time,
they are oil on board so they do take a long time to dry 
but also i've been experimenting with a lot of different layers 
and techniques on them. 

not my usual way to work but i have loved experimenting, 
learning new things and most of all, 
staying with it, as uncomfortable as it was at times... 

it's been a fantastic practice and i hope i can take a lot 
of what i've learnt forward into my next paintings. 

back at it...

i'm still drawing...
doing the same exercises. 
30 seconds quick drawings, 
than 1 minute to 5 minutes. 

below are some quick 30 seconds faces

and then i went to 20 minutes drawings. 
the idea is not to add more but rather to focus on certain area of the face,
 to say more with less... 

as much as i understand the concept intellectually 
i can't seem to put it into practice... 

i get going with the drawing and soon get completely caught up in 
adding ALL the details as oppose to editing, which is really what 
i would love to do! 

so it's back to the drawing board as they say... 

oh and below it's Picasso turned Pope Jean-Paul II :) 

day trip

i love that we can take a 90 minutes drive 
inland from our tropical coast and experience a completely 
different climate/season. 

last week we took a day trip into the late autumn, 
early winter landscape of the Kwazulu Natal Midlands.

a real treat for all the senses.

at the drawing board...

i bunked art this morning... 
i just felt like spending time in my own studio.

when i told Dee i wasn't coming in she told me to make it count ;) 
so i did! 
i spent the morning doing drawing practice, 
drawing, after drawing, after drawing. 

quick sketches then slightly longer ones. 

it was tough, 
but hey... only practice will make progress no?