at the drawing board...

i bunked art this morning... 
i just felt like spending time in my own studio.

when i told Dee i wasn't coming in she told me to make it count ;) 
so i did! 
i spent the morning doing drawing practice, 
drawing, after drawing, after drawing. 

quick sketches then slightly longer ones. 

it was tough, 
but hey... only practice will make progress no? 


  1. Beautiful work as always... I noticed that if I don't draw a face for a long time, things don't get y a comme une integration qui se passe internally...
    Oh que j'aime tes coups de crayons!!!
    much love darling

  2. at the drawing board - the best place to be. Beautiful practice my friend... stepping out into new things takes such courage but goodness always comes from it. So thrilled for you!