highs and lows

the highs...

this lady happened
- oil on board- 

she emerged from this background,
 an attempt at abstract art

and evolved pretty rapidly

this is where i stopped that day

i was going to go back and work on her some more 
but then just like that, someone walked into the studio, 
fell in love with the painting and is buying it... 

of course i am super mega THRILLED about it!!! 

misty morning magic

we don't often get mist around here.

wednesday as the sun was coming up
the mist started to form in the valley below us
turning  the sunrise into an even more magical moment. 

tiny bunch

i'm in love with Cecile Daladier little vases. 

i often pick a flower on my walks
and those tiny vases are so perfect for that. 

all photos above via 

last year i made my own version of it (photos below) , 
time to make some more...

time flies...

in less than a month i will be in Orvieto... 
how beautiful does it look!?

getting VERY excited

photos found on google

can't stop

i'm back at the "etching school" today, 
can't stop i'm loving it so much! 

this is what happened last week:
i darkened the sky of my 'Moonrise' one


(not a small affair let me tell you...)

i'm pleased with the result, i might do a few more tweaks, 
or not, i'll see. 

and this is my goose
all ready to be acid burnt:

inked up and ready to print:

this first print didn't come out well, 
i had wiped too much of the ink away:

 so i added a few more lines and a tail 
and inked up again: 

hello goose!


my "kingdom' is still a work in progress
 and i am getting closer to completion, 
slowly but surely...

the last two kings, 
Knowledge and Wisdom (in the photo below)
were put in the kiln for a bisque on thursday 
(i hope they made it...). 
i've had two casualties so far... 
(one of them is the tall one on the right above, his one eyes exploded) 

i'm in the process of glazing the rest of them, 
i'm nervous about this part because 
the glaze is such an important part of a piece, 
it can literally make it or break it esthetically. 

 fingers crossed ;) 
i'll keep you posted! 


practice makes progress...
i heard that here for the first time. 

i love it, progress, not perfect. 

so here is my pencil drawing practice. 

planning for more etching, 
for paintings, 
for progress ;) 


a little folk art love. 
or at least what i call "folk art"

Early Bird by Charlie Osullivan

Instructing the Goat by Jill Lewis

Birds by Tim Biskup

all art via