big news

i can't believe i haven't said anything about 
this here yet... 

but here we go: 

in september i am off Orvieto 
for a week of painting with Misty Mawn!!! 

there we go i said it :) 

i'm all booked and ready
 and it's as if it is only becoming real as the time gets closer! 

the week is called:

Wandering With Passion: Icon Painting - Creating Art From Soul

Learn to draw with confidence and paint what you feel and see.

we will paint, cook, wander, eat, meet and immerse ourselves in art. 

here are some of the ladies i know are coming:

and our hosts Kristin and Bill.
we've connected via social media 
 and i'm so looking forward to meeting them 
and all the others in real life soon!

beyond excited!!! 


  1. you are going to have so much fun! so happy for you xxx

  2. I'm so excited with you!!!!!

  3. Moi quand j'anticipe trop, je dis rien non plus!! Oh je t'aime toi!!