Brrrrr... this is what i need this winter! 
+ some slippers! 


Let me introduce you to my new little gang of owls... 
while making the big guy back then 
i decided to make little ones for me. 

the big guy was swept away by my 
mom-in-law before i even had a chance 
to take a photo :) 

 i'm pleased with my little pit fired guys
these two are my favorite! 
Mr Professor and Miss Yin & Yang... 

Around here...

My very first fabric design and print! 
Thanks to my friend Roz i now have a screen with my design on it!

plus loads going on in the studio. 
i'll update you soon ;) 

Potters' inspiration

today i am inspired by Gilberto Paim & Elizabeth Fonseca

Four hands potters who live and work in Brazil.
An interview says that: 
"Simplicity, tactility and elegance of shapes are the essence of their four hands work."

watch this video of them working here


recently i was introduced to

we decided to give it a try at 
camera club...
here is my attempt ;) 

In the studio

work in progress in my studio. 
documented with Instagram.

still working on it... 
to be continued ;) 

Blog love

i love what Mary Jo is doing on her blog. 
Such a beautiful and simple idea, 
superb photography.

"For one year, in 2012, this blog will post one image, daily, of gathered natural objects found near me."

some of my favourites! 
all photographs by STILL  

was my absolute favourite at 
Art in the Park

i couldn't resist the beetroots... 

here they are ready to be hung in my studio!!! 


we had such a wonderful, decadent outing on friday!
Donna, Pascale and i went to Art in the Park 
in Pietermaritzburg. 
we missed 2 of our fellow artists though :(

the art, the trees, the friendship... 
everything was SO inspiring, 
real food for the soul! 

even the ground was irresistible!