Finishing touches

on Easter weekend our little town gets 
flooded with holiday makers.
a good time to hide away in the studio and finish up some paintings.

this perplexed guy is done: 

acrylic and collage on wood panel 

 of course i carried on with my 365 faces; 
with my  "not so patient" little assistant... 
this is the "come enough now!!! let's go for a walk" look

 this lady is also finished...
i think!? i'll live with her for a bit and decide:

collage background and oil on wood panel

my favorite way to work at the moment, 
collaged background and oils on top, 
thinner in some places so the background still shows through. 


  1. Beau beau beau Anne....wonderful pieces!
    and Pax....sweet one!

  2. I love seeing bits of you in the pictures too :)