i'm still here. 

i've been distracted,
arting, sharing, traveling, de-cluttering, brain storming...

i've got loads to share but for now i will disappear some more.
my parents are arriving from Switzerland tomorrow 
we will be cruising around and exploring!

see you back here early December

ps: photos taken in O+M's magnificent garden, 
more soon! 

for the love of learning...

 next books on my wish list:

for the love of mixed media:


 for the love of colours:

more on Kaffe Fassett here

for the love of handmade:


Paying attention

i haven't been taking enough photos lately...
i miss it. 
i miss the places my camera takes me to, 
the exploring, 
the paying attention.  

sunday garden tour and "nostalgia" editing
by me