taking time to look back at 2012 and say my goodbyes.
taking time to welcome and prepare 2013

working through Unravelling the Year Ahead 2013 workbook, 
courtesy of the brilliant Susannah Conway


to you my very dear readers, 
to my dear friends 
and to ma famille cherie

Joyeux Noel, Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year

loads of love! 


i haven't bought a diary for next year yet, 
i haven't set any intentions, 
i'm not even sure this planet will make it
past tomorrow... 

but i have signed up for my first 2013 on-line class:

and i can't wait to get started! 


naive art inspiration

The Silken Tent, Mixed Media on Fabric

source unknown 


nothing like a new project to get 
things moving! 
so i bought my very first e-book
(perfect instant gratification)

Brave Intuitive Painting 

photo via

i cleared out my space 
and got going.
first step, primary colors loose mark making:

messy, fun, bold...


a public holiday here today, 
my kind of monday!

i started this drawing this weekend

can't put it down... 
so addictive. 

happy Reconciliation day


i won't lie, 
since the Christmas Fair 
i have been creatively 
stuck, blocked, exhausted... 

but i'm happy to say that 
after some resting, 
some journaling, 
lots of time outside 
and some pampering 
i stepped back into 
"arting" yesterday! 

just playing...
SO good! 

i did...

so i did just that this weekend. 
even though it wasn't raining.
i swapped the blanket for the hammock
and read, and read, and read

this wonderful book:

by Margaret Mazzantini 

a gut wrenching, incredibly well written book
 about life, death, war, infertility and love...

merci Sis ;)

ps: it seems it has been 
translated to english too and turned into a movie

i do...

and this weekend, 
if it rains, 
i'm going to do exactly that! 

Black & white

 still have so many Cape photos
to share... 

hope you like them too