Plotting and planning...

experimenting with fabric paint
and dyes...

eager to create some accessories
with my own hand painted fabrics


last week i was lucky enough to
take part in a portrait workshop by
artist and friend: Jane Digby

she pushed me and stretched me
and i learnt so much,
it was fabulous!

here are a few pics of the work in progress:

the studio overflowing with
creativity and inspiration

Donna hard at work!

painting upside-down...

some amazing work being

my work station

my portrait nearly finished!


i came across this quote today
and it made me feel good!

"We cannot all do great things...
but we can all do small things
with great love."
-Mother Theresa-

This and that...

Ok so this week i've spent
way too much time on the beach
(we went from winter to summer in 2 days...)
browsing the internet
not enough time in my studio...

i did manage to draw a few funny faces


Iris Apfel

i'm doing an oil painting portrait workshop
at the end of this week
i've been searching the web
for photo references.
here are a few of my favorites
- sorry not sure where they all came from -

Elodie Bouchez

Jean-Jacques Cousteau

last three unknown

A few things...

A few things i love...
these two bags by Moop

and these handmade goodies
i'd love to make one day ;)

a few chairs,
a necklace,

and a garland...


"If the sight of blue skies fills you with joy,
if a blade of grass springing up in the fields
has power to move you,
if the simple things have a message that you understand,
for your soul is alive.

the sun is back!

A few more...

a few more faces from my
some techniques i loved,
some i didn't...
but overall it's been
a very enriching experience!




In the studio

i have ordered
something in bright red
"susani" pattern for
my studio!

it'll be ready in about 3-4 weeks...
so exciting!!!


it's been cold and wet
we've had to keep warm, cosy

and inside...

Faces, faces, faces

a few more faces
for the weekend...


acrylic ink

thin marker & watercolour crayon