Yay it's friday!
Yay i'm on an outing with wonderful friends!
Yay life is gooooooood ;) 


while in joburg we indulged in a day of 
fabulous inspiration and shopping spree... 

Kim Sachs Gallery, Amatuli Art Shop, 
Big Blue, Holmes Brother and on and on! 


Going to Johannesburg 
can be a real treat...
friends, family, retail therapy... 

  Leaving Joburg is a real treat too :) 
open spaces, fresh air, nature...  

Around here

All our Aloes are about to burst into bloom...
such a magnificent time of the year! 

Blog love

I seem to have a fascination for scandinavian 
today i'm loving Mia's "The Super Ordinary" blog. 
read her profile intro... it's bold and irreverent ;) 


working on an abstract piece of crazy flowers... 

step one find some flowers.

step two block out the background 


step three is it finished or not? 
i never seem to know when to stop...
but this looks a little too dark to me?!


Autumn scenes...
probably the last thing you feel like in the northern hemisphere ;) 

 a treat for me!


when we went to the Midlands 
two weeks ago
it was a feast of autumn colors... 

the light, the trees, the landscape...
so different than what we get here in our more tropical climate. 

a photographer's dream just a few hours away! 
i'll share it with you in next few days. 


it's been a year since this little pup 
entered our life! 

now she's part of everything!!!

such a good companion little Pax :)