Feminine inspiration

today i am inspired by artist

i love her whimsical style
and what she says about her art:

"When people see my work, I’d like them to be filled with a willingness to find joy and be full of wonder. I hope that my pieces whisper permission to be most splendidly alive."

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Around here...

we went to

there were horses everywhere...
they were so majestic i couldn't stop
photographing them.

i'm back...

i'm back after some wonderful cruising and exploring
with my parents.
head and heart full of fond memories.

i'm heading back to the studio.

Around here...

my parents are visiting from
Switzerland and it is lovely to have them
we've been here and there...
and i'll be in and out for a little while...


our four little friends have taken flight...
they decided to leave last week
on the windiest day.

no flying lessons required,
after a few bumpy take offs they were all gone...

we hope they made it ok into the big wide world!


Making progress with my 3 acrylic paintings.
lots of layering,
loving the process!

i'm not convinced with the colors
of this bird... might have to change it.


a few photos i took for
online class

i chose my bed as an ongoing project for
the 6 weeks.


new addition to our little family,
4 baby swallows!!!

we rescued them last thursday after their nest collapsed
we are proud to say that they are doing extremely well on Pax's food...
eating like little gluttons!

flying lessons might be another story


look what i found at the christmas fair
last week!

this ceramic clock HAD to come
home with me...
it is now proudly standing in my kitchen!

in progress...

i've started working on the 3 paintings
for Get Your Paint On e-course.

first draft and under-paint,
ready for the next step!