Finding the image

Artist inspiration: 
Mel McCuddin - Figurative Expressionist


Oils in progress

figs and birches in progress on my easel 

every wednesday afternoon i  paint at Roz Cryer's studio
and i absolutely LOVE it! 

Roz is a full time amazing artist,
she has so much knowledge to share
and she is the most generous, gentle teacher 
i've ever had. 

i'm lapping it all up and loving this "black and white" tonal 
technique she's teaching me. 
the beginnings are a bit strange 
and then suddenly the painting 
just unfolds... 

oh and it is the cutest studio space! 


i have seriously neglected my 
Giraffes the last two months
and i'm really sad about it because the projects
 have been fun. 
but hey... it is what it is... 

i did do one of the October projects though: 
 the famous artist giraffe. 

let me introduce you to my Paul Klee Giraffe 
(sorry Mr Klee)  

Loosening up...

i didn't do nearly as much reading as i wanted this weekend... 

but this is what 
getting unstuck with a big painting
on a rainy sunday morning looks like
in my world: 

i had been getting all uptight and precious 
about what was supposed to be 
 the background layers in this big canvas...

it was time to loosen up and let go! 


no idea where to from here, but i had fun! 

this weekend

too many projects on the go,
a messy studio,
 loads of things to organize...
what i really feel like doing this weekend though is
curl up on the couch 
and go through my brand new pile of books! 

Happy weekend

New experience

this week i "taught" for the first time! 

i was invited 
to share a creative experience with 
4 groups of women 
who have been doing the "Joy-Journey"
put together and lead 
by my very inspiring friend Donna.

so on tuesday i took the first group along, 
i was nervous and excited... 

they were such a supportive bunch,  keen to try it all and get their hands dirty. 
we learnt about showing up, taking small steps and being gentle... 

i loved it! 


i know the jacarandas are not indigenous 
to South Africa 
and not really popular anymore for that reason 

but i find their spring "purpleness" breathtaking! 


i certainly don't need another book 
or another project for that matter... 
but i thought some of you might find 
this video and this book 
as irresistible as i do! 


more about the book by here


my latest oil painting...

i took it home on wednesday
so that i can live with it for a little while 
decide whether to work at it some more, 
add a few more highlights
or whether it's done. 

very thrilled with my 2 cups!
i'm learning SO much and it's SO exciting! 

thank you Roz ;) 

Simple pleasures

well used tools

my "deep trust" candle 

work in progress

my adorable little mutt lying on my freshly painted background

simple, yummy pleasures that make my heart sing... 

roadside finds

look what we found and "borrowed"
from the side of the road! 
(i mean, they were just lying there in the dirt...) 

i have no idea what i'm going to do with them yet 
but i LOVE the colours, shape and textures...


remember this background:

this lady made her way onto the canvas.
no doubts, 
she claimed that space!

this hasn't happened to me often, 
 clarity, trust and flow.
 the most delicious feeling.