on my easel

starting point:
Kate Moss :) 
charcoal and eraser on a dark background

Misty Mawn was teaching us to 
let go, to be fearless...
and let me tell you she is! 
she goes over and over her work, 
not precious about anything. 

 here, taking her advice,  i keep going: 
white pastel on top

at this point i felt myself tightening up, 
liked her face but not the body, 
decided it was time to really let go... 

and then "free-styled" my way to a happy place: 

the view:
 with my assistant



  1. Oh Anne you are such brave woman! Stand strong and tall!! Be proud!!! You and your processes through art... Simply amazing!!! Hey que j'apprends de toi a chaque fois!! Mwah

  2. Love the outfit! Makes the whole thing "you"! x