Thank you 2010, you have been a
colourful, gentle and caring year!

The shot i'm the most proud of for this year...

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year's Eve!!!

Colourful gift

When i first unwrapped this beautiful gift from my
aunt (merci!!) i wasn't sure what those two colourful
rings were.
i was hoping to be able to wear them
they are so pretty :-)

it turns out they add a gorgeous touch of colour to my kitchen!
Keeping my dining room table safe from hot pots!
From Tuva Tov in Norway

Shades of blue

Having a blue day?
No, just loving all those shades of blue...

I hope you do too.

Road trip

From behind the windscreen,
through the South African summer...

So lucky!

Merry Christmas

To all my dear family and friends around the world,
have a magical Christmas!
Joyeux Noel!

Loads of love,


This year i decided Christmas wrapping
needed to fit into the re-use and recycle scheme.

Old books: re-used.
Brown paper: recycled.
And a bit of sewing...

And my stamps!


i don't think i am a true perfectionist but i would love to know how
to do things perfectly before i've even tried...

So lately i have gone on an anti-perfectionism battle
with the help of Keri Smith
and her journal: Wreck this Journal

It is loosening me up and pushing me right off my little safety net!

Work in progress

It's taken me a very long time...
but I've finally carried on with my big intimidating

Still a work in progress but much happier with where it is going now.

I like the first layer of blue showing through.

And it teams up nicely with my "Pacha" chair?!


Summer has brought a fair amount of rain and our tropical nature is
blooming, bursting, exploding!

We woke up to this a few days ago...

New project "suite"

Remember my new project a little while ago?
Well here it is!
My handmade "king" cushions for the "Pacha" chair.

Perfect for summer chilling :)