This and that...

 the parcel by Skinny laMinx with 
all my delicious goodies in it
has arrived!!! 
all the pretty details, 
what a treat! 

full moon tonight... Blue Moon indeed

photo and explanation via

and tomorrow it is the first day of Spring this side of the world!!!

Happy Spring Day ;) 

People watching (again)

when taking photos of strangers' faces 
became a bit too obvious 
& a bit tricky 
i turned to their feet... 

yes i had been waiting in transit 
a few too many hours ;) 

Swiss outing

we went to Berne
and had the most delicious, fabulous day! 

Merci les filles ;) 

Lake side finds

bits & pieces found on the lake side. 

the shapes, the colors, the textures... 


ok,  a few excuses: 

it's almost spring time,
i've been working hard, 
 i need it, 
it's the perfect shape, 
perfect color...
on and on and on! 

 the truth is i cannot resist 
Skinny laMinx's Pinny Apron any LONGER! 

and while i'm at it i might just add this 
gorgeous Alexander Sack

People watching

i might have to rate Dubai airport
 as the best people watching place ever!!!

folks from all over the world 
waiting in transit...

 not sure how "politically correct" 
it is to take photographs like these, 
 i just could not resist.