Looking up...

i've got this strange crane fascination... 

i just can't resist photographing them, 
could watch them all day...
weird i know

Poppy love

i was once asked, if i were a flower which one would i want to be? 
a poppy.

they're delicate, flexible and strong;
pretty in bloom and dry... 

Around here...

Friday was a day of goodbyes, 
always hard...
the story of being an expat...

but our hearts are full 
of the precious moments we shared


i was hoping to get some 
computer work done today

but this little Miss-Madame has decided otherwise...


we had sun 

we had fun

 and we cruised.

so much good stuff to do and see in the Cape!

Time out

my parents have arrived from 
cold Switzerland! 
and now we are off to 
Cape Town 
for a little sunny adventure!

see you soon 


according to numerology 
2013 should be my year of patience...
 but now 
patience is absolutely not my 

while in the Maldives, 
inspired by artist Lisa Congdon
i made my first accordion 

and filled it with 
little shapes and drawings
 loved it very addictive indeed. 

and that's how i'll be working
on my patience issues

Mission accomplished

in the past 10 months we went 

from this:

to this:

to this:

 to this:

from this (back view):

to this:

to this: 

a steep learning curve, 
loads of ups and downs, 
great satisfaction. 
we did it! 
people moved in yesterday, 
mission accomplished