Creative play

i couldn't stay away from faces for too long... 
but i chose to play instead of getting all too serious.

creative play, 

work in progress, always 

hitting a wall

last week i hit a wall... 
before that i was on a high, cruising along in 
the studio, loving the assignments Misty Mawn 
was piling on us and almost keeping up. 

and then week 5 arrived, 
i was running out steam slightly 
we started with oil paint...
i got SO frustrated! 

the thesaurus says:
 frustrated = disappointingly unsuccessful 
well that EXACTLY IT! 

even the poor giraffes who have been dismally ignored this month 
didn' t manage to cheer me up... 

i'll let you know if i manage 
to go around, climb or even better blow up that wall...



let's all spread some love this weekend

painting via Pinterest.
i can't find the artist and thought it might be by Staaf

Fashion day

my "MY STYLE" board
on Pinterest seems to be really popular 

i love what i have collected so far 
and thought i'd share 
a few of my favorites with you today:

petit gilet by amimono

boyfriend look via Riot on the Beach

stripy espadrilles via

knitted jersey by Ravelry

More faces...

evolution of a mixed media 
multiple portrait i did this weekend
as part of Misty Mawn's online class

pastel sketch on collage/ink background

added collage

added acrylics

final pastel and acrylic touches



Practice, practice, practice...

in the light of yesterday's quote...
"do a lot of work" 
i've been spending loads of time practicing. 



being a "baby artist" 
i go through a lot of ups and down. 
times of eager learning and inspiration
and times of feeling completely despondent and discouraged. 

and just at the perfect moment i came across this quote:

thank you Ira Glass 

Morning light

early morning is my favorite time of day.
the peace, the potential, the light.

morning light captured around the house 
with Instagram

To my Valentine...

i'm a hopeless romantic...
yet i'm not a Valentine's day fan. 
too commercial, overdone, should be valentine everyday. 

but maybe, maybe on this day there are more people
thinking about LOVE than usual. 
and maybe, surely, 
that is a little miracle to be celebrated...

For mon Amour :


Learning some more

blotting technique, transferring from one drawing
to another.

these were such fun,
abstract portrait using an eye or mouth from a photograph.

 this is me ;) 
ok maybe my bun is way smaller than that... 

 this is my response to this weeks prompt: 
who am i? 
pastels on collage/journal page. 

Catching up...

this weekend i worked like a little 
soldier to get back up to date 
with Misty Mawn's Face to Face class.

week two intuitive pastel, 
i was in need of a bit of strength and courage 
at that point. 

we've finished week 3
which was all about collage.
here is a peek at what happened in the
studio the last 3 days...

i fought and struggled with oil pastels 
on a collage background
until i decided to just leave it unblended.

fairly pleased with this one...

then there was the totally abstract portrait/collage. 
what a relief to let loose.

"mon ami Pierrot" 
my kind of icon. 
hmmm... not convinced! 

and then there is more... but i'll show you the rest tomorrow