Yes, I confess...I am a coffee addict, snob, fuss ball...
It seems we are getting more and more great coffee in the Durban region, YAY!

Below, my favorite brew from Judd at the Corner Cafe,
"saving the planet one cappuccino at a time"
(love the logo!)

Latest discovery: Beanstruk organic coffee. Delivered to my door with a whole bag of fresh organic goodies by Simply Organic.

Have a wonderful caffeinated Monday!


i don't know much about halloween but what i do know is that i love pumpkins,
big pumpkins!
i couldn't resist getting and painting my own for this weekend...

happy halloween ;)

Patterns & colours

On the lookout for patterns, colours and combinations...
(and some people watching of course!)

Out there...

Last week I sent my very first delivery out there in the big wide world.
Exciting and intimidating.
My brooches are now for sale at Fat Tuesday and ikhaya.


I tend to not be very good at finishing projects
(much better at starting lots of new ones...)
But I did finish this one! Very pleased with it.
Just as well because T's baby is coming soon, soon!

Orange & Blue

Orange and blues have been catching my attention lately.
I seem to see them everywhere.
Might be time to do something with them...



My ceramic head's obsession continues.
Three new ones came freshly out the kiln.
I am still loving making them, they all have such different personalities...

There will be some more...


Been sketching around on my blue painting.
Not happy with what is unfolding...
Back to the drawing board!

People watching

People watching is one of my favorite thing to do.
It fascinates me how we are all so different...and it gives me hope in "humankindness"


When life gets frantic and I need to get back to my center,
I pay attention to details.
I find peace, calm and magic in life's details...