i love the bush and our african vegetation...

but for now
i'd better learn how to
draw palm trees
because i am off to the Maldives for
a little while!!!

see you back here soon ;)

-sketch from here-


a peep in my sketchbook.
quick little drawings,

lots of faces
to keep the momentum,

so much to learn...


i couldn't resist any longer...
today this little parcel arrived from Moop!

i chose the Paperback
-last photograph from Moop's website-

Garden wonder

this bush is growing in
my garden.
beautiful dark green leaves the whole year
and suddenly...

it is full of these gorgeous, beautifully scented
little white flowers!


ok so we headed for the bush
last week...

Imfolozi was incredibly beautiful
and eventful...

a hyena came to visit our camp,
got really interested in our braai,

and decided to have a nap right there...

i nearly blew our car engine driving away from
an angry rhino ;)

and of course the scenery was breathtaking!


i spent some time in
the garden this past weekend
and as you can see i had a
little helper ;)

it is my man's birthday today
and we are off to some secret destination...
see you next week!


a tiny hairy visitor on our deck...

not easy to photograph as it wouldn't sit still

so elegant and fragile...
ready for transformation.


still inspired by the colours of the

i've been sketching and doodling...

Happy Monday!

This and that...

a few things i love...

a white loft

a white wooden floor with beautiful rugs

a white coffee table/bookshelf

and a white kitchen
- all photos gathered from the web -

The beautiful world we live in...

look what i found in
the forest the other day!

in the middle of all the greenery
these colorful and majestic

This and that...

i made these ceramic containers a little
while ago

yesterday i planted
some succulent offcuts
in them

pleased with the result!