family time

summer days, quality time. 

shared moments, memories and experiences.

the beauty of the Cape, 
of family time...

summer days

my parents are arriving from Switzerland this weekend. 

it's time to head outside, 
walk by the ocean, 
soak up the sun, 
connect and share. 

i will see you back here soon! 

in the mean time follow me on instagram 

many steps

the evolution of my "Stan" painting (see posts below):

activating the surface on top 
of the charcoal drawing

mark making starts, 
absolutely NO BLENDING

below is where i was at the end of day two, 
after more or less 14 hours of painting.
this is where i would have quitted without 
Dee's firm/gentle guidance.
She wasn't "seduced" by him yet as she said... 
i had no choice but to push on. 

and done... 
after about 20 hours of painting, 
many minutes changes, big sighs and small marks...

i never knew i could go that far with a painting...

i am "seduced"! 


this is how i spent the last 3 days, 
under Dee Donaldson's firm and gentle guidance.

i've never pushed so far in a painting, 
i nearly went over the edge of too many tiny marks, 
color mixing and small details. 
but i made it!!! 

today i'm on a complete high, 
super thrilled and inspired! 

thank you my dear Donna
for jumping in the deep end with me 
and for capturing these moments of me in my happy place!



blushing with delight to have some pics of me 
and all the wonderful people i met 

these were all taken on our last day 
during our 'show and tell' 

Bright little clowns

i've been playing in my handmade journal.
gesso, acrylic and stabilo pencil on collaged background

trying to be quick and stay loose, 
not to get caught up in too much details. 

pink and green 
seem to be the flavor of the moment for me.
the coming of summer maybe
"Jean qui rit, Jean qui pleure, c'est la fete au ramoneur."


this coming weekend i'll be doing 
a "portrait painting bootcamp" 
with artist Dee Donaldson

she requests that we take our own photographs 
for reference, 
if possible of someone we don't know at all 
at least not well. 

i decided to work with this photograph.
this is Stan, a gentle homeless man 
who lives around this area

Dee also requested that we do a charcoal 
underpainting in preparation for the course
on a big canvas, 
mine is 80cm by 100cm.

this is my sketch ready for saturday,
Stan looks a little rounder than in real life.

it might just be me trying to ease his circumstances...

we will be working on that one painting for 3 full days
and i can feel i'm going to be pushed way out of my comfort zone...
can't wait

mark making

sunday play details

we had some wonderful rain, 
i feel replenished, nature seems replenished too. 

these will become "Muse Cards"
cut into small squares, 
made to guide and inspire.