love these
by dutch artist Staaf

oh and i also really like this video
- couldn't find a way to get it here, please click on the link to watch-

is it possible?

is it even possible
to be so CUTE?!!

Pax loving the beach
the rotten fish...

PS: the rotten fish came back to haunt us a little later in the car...not so cute :)

feminine inspiration

reading and loving this book
at the moment

not a book i thought i would pick
but it caught my attention
working through it has been
very insightful.

i'm inspired by the writers:

some of their statements are really talking to me:

"embrace your contradictions"
"radiate your aliveness"


some of the landscapes
i shot last week
after an inspiration failure

4 parts to the assignment

1. Under the leaves

2. an abstract landscape, no sense of scale

3. a landscape including myself, no portrait

4. change the obvious - slow shutter speed -

i ended up loving it :)

Retail therapy...

nothing like a little
online retail therapy
to get unstuck :)

a parcel full of goodies
has arrived!

Happy Friday!

PS: the Photogarage landscape outing went really well... will share some next week!


well...this week was all about landscape?!?!?
as you can see i've been
totally stuck.

but we are off to a sunrise
"landscape outing"
this morning.
hopefully inspiration will come ;)

do you like my sweeper though?

in progress...

new project on the go...
something for Pax :)

my poor sewing machine had been neglected for a while!


looking for inspiration,

Black and white

this week's assignment: portraits...
part of the exercise was to
photograph someone outside my immediate family.

Carina kindly agreed
to be my model and was so good at it!
thank you so much!

my shots are all
slightly underexposed...
will need much more practice!