1 month

i made it through january,
 1 face a day, 
31 faces... 

a little victory... 
now as Liz Gilbert says, onward! 

new set up

over december i bought a working bench for my studio 
and it has made all the difference. 
i rarely used to paint with oils at home because my space was cramped 
and impractical. 
i now have a permanent big palette to do the color mixing 
and i can leave everything out for the next day. 

3 paintings done in the new set up so far. 

my word

my word for this year

i nearly chose DEEP TRUST but HELD felt stronger, deeper. 

to me it means trusting that i will be held every step of the way. 
that every time i leap into the unknown, into something new, into something i am afraid of, 
i will be taken care of, divinely, unconditionally. 

it means listening the whispers,  following the signs and acting upon them. 
it means knowing that i am guided, 
that i need to show up and do the work and that the Universe will take care of the rest. 


another 7

25 faces. 
what a journey it has already been! 


this little clown was my most popular post on instagram ever!  
made me blush with delight! 


beautiful people... 1001 posts here on the blog!

maybe perseverance can be learnt ;)  

thank you for popping in, for being here, for bearing with me all this time 
through my explorations...
i treasure you all!

bunch of flower

this lady was adamant she was going to make her way onto my
paper yesterday

in progress

i had other plans but i'm pretty pleased with her! 

acrylics & ink on watercolor paper

be soft, go gently


thought we could all use a little love at the moment...
this quote and this video make my heart sing: 

"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the world make you hate. 
Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. 
Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree,
 you still believe it to be a beautiful place." - Kurt Vonnegut


a little love... 

the next 8

the next 8 of my 365 faces #1faceaday .

so far i am still loving this new routine of coming up with a face every day. 

i've changed format, 
working on 14cm by 20cm 
watercolor paper that i covered with old book pages.

some days are more elaborate 
and some days are quick sketches.
they seem to match my mood for each day...  

i like how the background peeps through 

my current favorite 

and this gentleman wore a bow tie out to lunch on Sunday

i post them daily on Instagram, 
if you fancy following along!

pushing through

mostly i am loving showing up to paint my one face a day
but some days are a little tougher than other.

this the evolution of one of those days... 

acrylics and crayons on cardboard

what i am observing with this process of having to paint 
one face a day is that i can't just give up, or move on. 
i have to push through;
 through the tough parts, through the discomfort,  
the uncertainty, the dislikes. 

i need a finished piece in a short space of time, 
a small painting i'm happy to leave as it is
and happy enough to share 

so i'm learning to be brave, bold and to let go.

good read

reading inspiration today

and this book coming out in september
and i can only imagine it's going to be AH-MAZING...

i mean it is on creativity and written by Elizabeth Gilbert...

i also just gobbled up the novel 
loved it! 

signed up

i am all signed up 
for Misty Mawn's 
new online course Art Entwined 
starting end of February

and of course i am such a big fan of Carla Sonheim
 and Lynn Whipple, how could i not enter their 

i might not get around to do all the assignments
but i have to see what those two talented women share 
during this sparkly year! 


spending some nesting time at home has meant some 
rearranging and redecorating 

it was time for 
this painting i did about 5 or 6 years ago  
to be revamped... 

we wanted something peaceful for our bedroom

except we found the perfect spot for her 
at the top of the stairs 

which means i need to create something new for our bedroom. 
 decorating a home seems endless... and i love that!  

ooh... hello!

i never intended to be away from here for this long.
one summer day roll into another, 2015 i now well on its way... 
hope it's been good to you so far
i'm back :)

here is the first thing i want to share with you: 

while in Italy last year a few of us 
chatted about painting a face every day for the whole of 2015.
i loved the thought of the challenge 
and i was ready to jump in. 

as 2014 was coming to an end the project starting fading away, 
it felt huge, 
my head just couldn't grasp such a commitment, 
doubts crept in and the last few of us decided not to do it. 

but i couldn't ignore the little voice inside cheering me on,
and on the morning of the 1st i woke up thinking:

"how will i feel on this day next year if i have NOT done it?"
"how will i feel on this day next year if i HAVE done it?"

and there was my answer, i had to do it, i had to take the leap. 
and i did. 

at the last minute i told Jeanne-Marie i was going for it  and she was game, 
straight away 
and that made me ridiculously happy! 

 today i will be painting my 12th face for the year, 
don't get me wrong it still feel huge and daunting 
but as Jeanne-Marie said wisely, "one day at a time" 

here are the first 10
(acrylics on cardboard) 
i will be sharing them daily on Instagram 

welcome to a new adventure! 

good bye and hello

good bye 2014, thank you

hello 2015, new beginnings, new creative adventures...

first face... the first of many?